"Your car is your buisness card"


Car stickers with promotional text, graphics and telephone numbers are not new to the field of marketing, but despite this, it is one of the minimum measures which:

  • build a brand image
  • will always be in front of customers
  • will stand out
  • will serve as a business card on wheels

We provide car wrapping - from idea to results

For ad to give good results, at first we will prepare your offer or visual information presentation and will post a text logo, choose the label type - film or magnetic stickers, explain the features and benefits of each, as well as provide high quality execution from idea to results.


"Place for your advertising" is not the same as "free of charge place for your advertising." With this option, you only require a one-time investment and you will have a long time of advertisment.

Almost every persons life, especially in cities, is spent in non-stop motion. Regardless of whether you have a car or that you use public transport services, you are in the stream of people who are constantly changing. In such a movement it is difficult to say something for you to be heard because everyone is too loud, do not have time or you do not know which language to use, and you do not even know whether person will be interested at all.

  Automašīnu aplīmēšanaAutomašīnu reklāmas dizaina izstrāde 

There are many advantages of presenting advertising visualy on the car. These ads are clearly understandible, they does not fall on consumers nerves there for people develop positive intres about them. The main advantage is that this ad is not static. If the consumer does not come to the ad, the ad itself goes to the consumer!

Papildus reklāmas uz automašīnas  

We also develop other forms of advertising on cars.

Stickers are not the only form of advertising for your car. Your car may be supplemented with other promotional elements, such as the impressive promotional materials mounted on the roof of the trailer. The aim is to achieve a unique look that stands out or even is shocking, so people will notice you and even mention your car in their conversations.


If you have an idea or desire, come to us and we will help you with the design, development and implementation.