"Style and design creation, adaptation"

Layout services

Layout development, design creation according to materials of customer requirements and specifications, file preparation for printing.


Design localization, elements and text replacement and improvement.


We provide customers with high quality printing services, from single color to full color printing, small and large quantities. We will coordinate development of your project. We can offer numbering, folding, cutting, perforation, and much more ...



Dizains un druka, printmateriālu izgatavošana, radoša aģentūra KiiK


Development of design

Unique visualization of visions and ideas, product or service identity development, innovative solutions in the customer's existing visual information conversion, ensuring a successful image change.

Creation of corporate style  

We offer to develop company's corporate design, which includes the company's line-style design, and the visual image - company slogan, logo, website, business cards, forms and other documents. We can also develop other materials such as brochures, catalogs, promotional gifts and ID passes.



"Design is a tool of creativity."




Stickers - paper, film or polymer. In rolls or cut-outs

Thermal Labels - white or colored with carbonate gear strip (ribbon).

Price tags - on paper or film.

Labels - on paper or film.


Stoppers - different thicknesses, shapes, and various types of fittings

Flyers -  different sizes and shapes.

Folders - various types of printed folders, various thickness - up to 9 cm.


Lures - different thicknesses, shapes and various types of fasteners.

Catalogs - product catalogs. Menus - cardboard, laminated or leather cover. 

ID cards and badges - with varying degrees of security features.