"Sale promotional activities."

"The more we know, the more demand, the more demand, the more we learn!"


We offer organization of events and presentations, as well as other promotional campaign planning and implementation.


Advertising, advertising and advertising, it seems that it is everywhere, you can not even drink your coffee or check your e-mail, or leave the house - they are already in front of you.

Of course, this system helps you to present your product and gain recognition, but it can also be obtained in another way, by using alternatives that will influence positively and not fall on the consumer nerves. Choosing the right location and method will only lead to a positive attitude and good mood. Thinking about the client, we think of ourselves. The proof is immortal Newton's third law: the force is equal to the reaction force - as we think about the customer, so he thought of us.


Public events, it is a good way to introduce public with your products or services. Under the word "event", we suggest the following steps:

  • Development of all the necessary equipment and execution of a particular measure
  • Create promotional materials: banners design and production, posters, displays, labels, stopper and wobblers, costume design and construction, etc.
  • Organization of degustations
  • Organization of public events
  • Consultations 
  • Partner search

Step by step in organization of presentation:

  • What is the purpose of advertising event and what is the goal for company, whether it is to attract a client or investors, improve product awareness, new product promotion on the market.

  • How do you want to reach the goal, a way can be a presentation at malls, competitions and large city-wide events.

  • Methods to figure out how to attract the media, whether it be your paid advertising on the Internet and in magazines or media representatives will not be able to pass by your ad.


Presentations and degustations

Caffe corsini presentations at Maxima


Active promotion

Durex mascots at Red Bull Flugtag in Riga


Organization of public events

Duracell RadioRally

To taste or touch, or try, find professional advice. Those are the options of presentation and degustation. Free offer is a huge temptation almost for every customer, which means that he will not miss coffee tasting even though he usually drinks tea. This kind of offering is a way for customers to experience the product and extend knowledge of it, there for you will increase visibility and recognition of your product. 


How to get the attention of audience? - The use of non-standard runs and unexpected developments, inappropriate images in unexpected places, which attracts both regular customers and passing pedestrians and press attention. With this king of activities, we have entered the news broadcasts in the press and on websites. It is an opportunity to make a free ad in multiple sites that attract the widest range of consumers. 

What is needed for such an event - the goal, the idea and excellent execution, and last but not least - low cost!


The event is another page in the history of your company, if such pages are more, then it means that you are and will be interesting not only for your customer, but also you will gain more attention from other companies clients.
To grant success you need entertainment, show, audience involvement in competitions, small gifts.
It is a wonderful opportunity to draw attention to a particular company's needs whether it is a popularity promotion or promotion of a new product - in any case, this event should be memorable and vivid.