"Design and production of mascots."

Mask design concept

We will help you to create a unique image, which will be noticeable, will make an impression and emotions that will become the beginning or continuation of a successful advertising campaign.
We offer costumes, masks, costume design and preparing, wich can be used for company promotional activities in shopping centers and exhibitions.

Makeing of masks.

We produce caracters of any complexity, whether they are animals or superheroes from comic books. We will create, stich, measure, glue, dress up and stuff the middle.

Mask and costume creates unmistakable image for anyone and it will be remembered and associated with the brand name!


A good costume or character is perfect tool of introduction, an excellent method to improve customers mood and inspiration, as well as a creative way to draw customers attention to your business and products.


Masku un kostīmu konseptu izstrāde un izgatavošana


“Mascot improved

sale of my product”

Each person pays attention to something unusual, especially if it is a new image, which suddenly appears on television screens or friendly greets you on a street.


Who would have thought that a publicity stunt by the good-natured and smiling bunny will bring many years of popularity? The answer is simple - cute animal, which was attributed with passion and desire to be first, remains in memory for many years.


Each brand has its own image/mascot -

with ho anyone can identify brand... Osram bear or a Duracell bunny is recognizable characters, which presents company, creating a fun and positive emotions.