POSM - Point Of Sale Materials

"Sales promotional materials."

POSM "point of sale materials", they are promoting materials for sales that are placed in location of the sale.


Makeing of promotional materials

Screams, jumps or suddenly appears - strange, but we are talking about advertising. We know the abbreviation POSM - point of sale materials - that are, merchandising materials, which are highlights for your product in the shelves full of many items.


Pārdošunu veicinoši materiāli


"Sales are inportent for your brand"


You have a product, but we are asked to prepare a successful sale in shops promoting their visibility and highlighting product from other similar products. This will help not only to get a higher return, but also shorten the product path to visibility. 

Produktu noformējums


POSM pārdošanu veicinoši materiāli


Lures and stoppers are ads that "crawls out" off the shelf, they are especially beneficial for shops where similar products occupy an entire wall and you need to accent a particular product. 


Product and shelf appearance

Veikala plauktu noformējums

Price tags, labels, flyers and brochures, wobblers and Stopper - helps if needed to pay extra attention to your product.

Stickers and labels can be supplemented with information about the lottery, in addition to buying the product. Stickers and labels can be executed in any color and form.

Flyers and leaflets containing information which is difficult to incorporate the label format, they are meant for additional information about a product, the use of prescription or to inform customer about other products of the brand.

We also provide stand production and customization ...